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Promoting Consciousness of Legal Culture by raising Legal Awareness

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Promoting Consciousness of Legal Culture by raising Legal Awareness

Protecting Your Interests, Business, Property & Rights

We aim to lead in each practice and area of law we work in. Coming from in-depth understanding of the law and the industry, capitalizing on extensive experience, we provide hands-on advice that speaks the language of our client’s business. Whether in aviation, sales and distribution, antitrust, corporate and finance, employment, energy, litigation, real estate, or any other area of law, our clients can expect excellence and commitment to their objectives. Ensuring the operational functioning of the organisation, the development of external relations, management of press relations and constant communication with the press. A wide range of legal services such as : Commercial litigation, banking litigations, financial and real-estate consultancy for development and investments.

As the business of our clients becomes more and more complex, it demands a proficient understanding of the global business environment.

Note: At Fola Akinrinsola, Ojo & CO. , helping Nigeria  fulfill their investment projects and commercial activity in Nigeria has been our focus since the establishment of the law firm in 1991. When leading companies venture into the Nigeria market, we help them understand what to expect and advise them on the best techniques to protect their interests. Our highest priority is to deliver the best of boutique practice with every engagement.

Strong Local Capabilities and Experience

The 911 provider shall not impose, or fail to impose, on Company any requirement, service, feature, standard. Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce, child and spouse maintenance. Our team leverages the robust legal expertise.

Gbenga Ojo, Managing Partner at Fola Akinrinsola, Ojo & CO. in conjunction with his vast know-how, our company leverages the robust legal expertise of working in different courts. Sometimes you may find yourself in difficult situations and not be able to defuse the situation without going to court. Be our guest!

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