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Shipping and Maritime Law

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Our team at Fola Akinrinsola, Ojo & Co works together and with other professionals, local and internationally to provide advice to the operators of the shipping and maritime industry. The firm is involved in the general maritime litigation, drafting of agreements and conducting due diligence.

Our range of shipping clients include shipowners, charterers, financing banks, insurers, clearing agents, crew and port operators.

Specific Shipping and International Trade Law Areas we specialize in:

  • Ship Registration
  • Charter Agreements
  • Ship Arrest and Releases
  • Ship Financing
  • Ship Brokering
  • Nigerian Maritime Advisory
  • Maritime Claims & Liens
  • Marine Accidents
  • International Carriage of Goods

Our Services:

  • We draft and review charter agreements
  • We advise on marine insurance and commercial risk management
  • We advise on ship acquisition, financing and shipping mortgage
  • Registration of ship and obtaining necessary navigation permits
  • Drafting and reviewing of ship management agreement.
  • Arrests and releases of ships to enforce maritime obligation
  • Enforcement of maritime liens
  • Seamen crews legal representation
  • We provide advice on statutory provisions applicable in shipping industry concerning regulatory compliance, shipping operation, environmental pollution and safety
  • General maritime litigation and defenses
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